Hi, I'm Bogumil Cześć, jestem Bogumił Hola, soy Bogumil Bonjour, je suis Bogumil Ciao, sono Bogumil Olá, eu sou Bogumil Hallo, ich bin Bogumil Ahoj, já jsem Bogumil

Web developer who creates stunning websites.

I create things on the internet. I will help you create your own place on the web. I create powerful, fast and pixel-perfect websites that will increase your online conversions.

About me

A few words about me

My name is Bogumił Milewski and I am currently 21 years old. I am based in Warsaw, Poland (If you would like to go out and have a coffee/beer etc. let me know, it will be a pleasure!). I have always been interested in technology, even as a child. I am curious about how the Internet works, so I am learning things associated with it. Since 2020, I've been creating websites and things that are related to it.

I am committed and enthusiastic about my creative pursuits and I'm constantly improving and expanding my skills. I can help you solve problems in the webspace or help you get established in it. Let's get in touch for details and I will be happy to help you.

I love exercising, especially running. I also love nature, traveling, hiking, and reaching peaks in the mountains. I am passionate about health and investing.

Photo of Bogumił Milewski, standing in a yellow and black jacket in the background of trees in winter


Some of my realizations

Iterum Group

Iterum Group company specializes in the revitalization of tenement buildings. The website was prepared on a specially prepared template, built from scratch to match the company's character.

Jak Wybrać Hosting

The JakWybracHosting.pl project will, among other things, help you choose the best web hosting for you. My job with it was to make an website (HTML, CSS & JS) based on a prepared design project.


Dotisto is a search engine for internet domains. It is characterized by its high speed. In a few hundred milliseconds you will get results. The site as well as the API for it was written by me from scratch.

Libre Group

Libre Group company, just like Iterum Group, specializes in the revitalization of tenement houses. The website was prepared on the same specially prepared template, built from scratch to match the personality of the company.


Website speed is one of the features I pay a lot of attention to because it is crucial in keeping the interest of the visitor.


A website should be responsive, meaning it should look good on any device so that the visitor has no problem finding information that is relevant to them.


Intuitiveness is an important aspect of a website, so I pay attention to making it easy for the user to do actions on the website.


The website should be designed to be functional so that the user can easily do or search for the thing that interests them.


The website should be clean and organized so that the user has no problem in finding the information they want.


When I create a website, I pay attention to the smallest details because they make up the whole.


What clients say about me

I've been cooperating with Bogumił Milewski for two years, during which time Bogumił created several websites for my company. Throughout this period our cooperation was very good. All orders were delivered according to initial assumptions and within deadline. Bogumił is a very committed, conscientious and creative young man. He always looked for ways to solve the problems we met and proposed his own solutions. I am very satisfied with the results of his work, and the greatest confirmation of that are the positive opinions and praises about the functionality and visual appearance of the websites that Bogumił built.

A photo of Adrian Kosmaczewski

Adrian Kosmaczewski

CEO of Iterum Group, iterumgroup.pl

A few years ago I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with this very talented young man in a group for web developers. I was instantly impressed with the designs he was showing; And, afterwhich, when I checked out his front-end code I was astonished by the sheer elegance and simplicity of it. I instantly knew I had to get to know and work with him. Since, he has helped me with the design and code of a couple websites / apps. If you like, and can appreciate, raw, clean and semantically correct HTML, CSS & JavaScript - I emphatically recommend him!

A photo of Shawn Ritch

Shawn Ritch

Lead software engineer, webdeveloprz.com

Bogumił has performed for me a project of cutting JakWybraćHosting.pl website from Figma to semantic HTML/CSS and JavaScript code. The job was done at a high level and the cooperation was smooth. Good communication and understanding of the topic. I highly recommend! :)

A photo of Mateusz Mazurek

Mateusz Mazurek

Internet entrepreneur, mateuszmazurek.pl


Let's stay in touch

If you have any business enquiries, questions about anything on the web or general, please contact me via [email protected] or the contact form below. Let's talk!